Tell-Me-I-Can-Logo-All-PartsFIRST THINGS FIRST: What is it that you would like to be encouraged in? Struggling with weight loss or getting rid of an addiction? Going after that promotion, starting a business, or maybe finally writing that book? This IS a campaign that is all about growth and progression. Many people can have a dream, but it takes a team to complete that dream. A team that is supportive and nurturing can make all the difference in the world, especially when a person is facing a great challenge. The “T.M.I.C” campaign is being set up as a central force designed to create a connection between those with a dream and those who want to help them achieve it! There will be several goal categories represented within the campaign ranging from weight management, to developing creative talents, cultivating healthy relationships, and more! The campaign is intended to be very hands on. For further encouragement, there will be hosts for each category that will coach and inspire you on your journey of change. They will host webinars sharing useful information, advice, and ideas. Also as a guest on the Dare2Dream Cruises you will have a chance to sit with them as they host intimate connect groups where you can network and learn from others who are making strides towards goals similar to your own.



Participants/Supporters Click Here to fill out a contact form telling us a little about yourself and the journey that you are preparing to embark upon. There on the site you will see a list of categories, simply choose whichever category is most appropriate for you and upload a video no longer than 4 minutes, sharing your brief message about what you would like to accomplish. For each category the videos will be posted and shared with fellow T.M.I.C participants/supporters.


Also we will be creating an interactive “Tell Me I Can,” web calendar which could even feature YOU! The videos uploaded previously by participants will be voted on for 2 weeks and the Top 6 from each category will be featured on our calendar representing the month in which they pledged to make a promise for the campaign.

TMIC-Bracelet-Black-TealKicking off the campaign will be an online campaign specializing in Healthy Living/Weight Management. Join Dare 2 Dream Cruise, A New You 4 Life, and Shine on Magazine in the launching of the “Tell Me I Can” Campaign! Together we are on a mission to uplift spirits and spread encouragement to those who are fighting to take back control of their weight and ultimately their lives. Spread the word by wearing our new “T.M.I.C” bands! As a participant the bands will be a symbol to friends and loved ones, reminding them to uplift you as you transform various area of your life.

TMIC-Bracelet-Pink-WhiteThese bands will be representative of any life challenges you may face extending beyond weight loss. It can stand for striving for better lab results, finishing school, personal business plans, ending bad relationships, stopping the abuse of drugs, quitting smoking, being a better spouse or parent, etc. When others see the band they can know that you are on a new journey to a better you and they can uplift you simply by saying, “You Can Do It!” The purpose of the movement is to give a small but much needed nudge during a life long journey which is always changing. Together we can help each other reach our full potential and live healthier, happier and more accomplished lives.”Tell Me I Can,” will be open to those of all colors, shapes, sizes and backgrounds. Feel free to join in along with friends and family. You can do it and we can help! All it takes is a little support and a few words encouragement. The movement is here! Its time to take each other by the hand, look one another in the eyes and say, “Tell Me I Can.”